The Chabad Hebrew School has been such a wonderful experience for our two children.

Each Sunday they have so much fun while learning about the Jewish holidays, biblical stories, reading Hebrew, and most importantly being proud to be Jewish!
Daniel & Laura Jontof-Hutter

My 3 kids loved their time at Hebrew School at Chabad of the Tri Valley.

They learned so much! I really appreciate Aleph Champ. It’s a fun way for the kids to really learn how to read Hebrew and the kids were so excited every time they mastered a new level.
Jerry & Arielle Kurtze

We can’t thank Chabad enough for giving us a community where we always feel welcome.

After years of not attending synagogue, I was hesitant about rejoining a synagogue. Yet I knew I wanted my children to have a Jewish upbringing. Chabad of the Tri Valley immediately made us feel like family. They gave us all a place to continue our Jewish studies as well as celebrate our Jewish identities.
Matt & Colette Tropp

We are happy and honored to be part of this amazing school.

Our family has been a part of Chabbad of the Tri Valley for more than decade. All of our four kids went – and are still going – to the Chabad Hebrew School. Not only have they learned a lot about Jewish values and tradition, they also made friends for life.
Ross & Natasha Gottlieb

Chabad of Tri Valley’s Hebrew School has brought our children’s excitement and empowered understanding of their Jewish identity to the next level in a very short period of time.

Being new to the Tri Valley’s community, we were strongly driven to continue Jewish education for our two sons. The warmth that our kids were welcomed and the knowledge they have been obtaining make Jewish education fun, deep and most importantly conscious. As Jewish refugees from Ukraine, we are thrilled to see our boys to pursue Jewish education – the first generation in 100 years (in our family).
Alexander Rakul and Irina Brener

Our two daughters learned about their Jewish heritage through the Chabad of the Tri Valley’s Hebrew School program.

They attended starting in kindergarten and enjoyed their Sunday mornings. Their schooling culminated in beautiful, customized Bat Mitzvah ceremonies and receptions at the synagogue.
Lisa & Jason Belk